Fly fishing the Little Patuxent River in Maryland

Fly fishing the Little Patuxent River in Maryland

This weekend I took a short drive over to the Little Patuxent River in Maryland. It’s only a 30-minute drive from DC, so it’s a good option for a quick outing to target trout. I’ve fished it twice now and caught at least a dozen small rainbows on each outing. They stocked it in early February, and I can’t imagine that these fish stay in the stream for long.

I parked near the trailhead just outside of the historic Savage Mill shops before you get to the bridge. There’s a well-manicured trail that leads up to a rocky waterfall area that empties into a pool. It seems like a lot of people focus on this pool area, but I’d recommend trying the flats about 50 yards below it. This weekend I found that a lot of the trout are huddled in the shallow water rather than the deep trenches where one might expect them.

On this outing, I used an olive bugger to try to locate the fish. I cast horizontally and let it swing down until it was directly downstream of me. Once downstream, I’d quickly retrieve and often the fish would strike in the shallower water down below from where I was standing. This held to be true for most of the day, and my guess is that the fish realized where they were getting caught and moved to other areas.

Fly fishing the little patuxent river
Probably the largest trout of either day. Around 10″.

I also used a double nymph rig which proved effective by either tight lining or floating under an indicator.  I tie a fly that resembles a “peeking caddis” that did really well.  It has a “san juan worm” look to it, but is unique enough that it stands out to the fish.  

little patuxent river trout
Is this a juvenile golden trout?

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