California Heritage Trout Challenge

California Heritage Trout Challenge

The other day I was browsing the web about fly fishing and came across the California heritage trout challenge.  It’s a unique program developed by the California Department of Fish and Game, and it encourages anglers to seek out different species of trout in the state.   California is an especially lucky state, as it is home to such a wide variety of trout.

Participants of the program must catch and document at least 6 different types of trout in order to get a certificate issued by the state.  The requirements to document each catch include where, when, and how each fish was caught, along with a photograph of the trout.

Map of the California Heritage Trout Watersheds

The certificate itself is beautifully illustrated with the trout that are part of the challenge.  This struck me as such a fun way to get people out fishing and excited about the conservation of these unique species.  As part of the challenge they even provide a detailed PDF on the different trout and their habitat, as well as advising on proper handling of the trout for release back into their habitats.

Finding out about this program has me wanting to travel to California, so it seems that the department is doing their job well.  I had the opportunity to catch coastal cutthroat last year and still think about that trip often.  If you’re headed to California and want to try your hand at the California heritage trout challenge, go check out their website here!

Most importantly, if you do make it out to California and earn yourself a certificate, let me know how it went!

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