Orvis Rod Repair

Orvis Rod Repair

As some of you may remember, I broke the tip section off my Orvis Clearwater 3 weight rod back in 2017.   I wrote a post about it while commemorating one year of blogging.  For some reason, I waited almost another year to send it off to be repaired, and the blog will be celebrating its second birthday this month!  It feels apt to start off the second year with a story of the repaired rod, and hopefully it will set the tone for year two, as I have a lot of fishing and writing to do.  To set things off, I have a report coming up soon about the large brook trout I caught at Big Spring Creek in PA.

It’s good to have this rod back in my hand, because I consider it a perfect small stream rod.  It’s just over 7 feet, which is not quite as short as many small stream rods, but I have always enjoyed using it for that purpose.  It casts well, and if you’re a clumsy or an accident prone sort like myself, you’ll appreciate the 25 year guarantee.  If you want to know the real story of how this rod tip was broken, you’ll have to ask my dog Arlo, who has a penchant for snapping thin sticks (or really anything that looks like a stick).

For anyone who’s looking for info on how to return the rod, you simply go to Orvis’ Rod Repair page, fill out the info, and send it in.  I had originally thought this would take a few months, which honestly delayed me from sending it in.  I have to give huge kudos to Orvis, because it came back good as new in a week!  I just wanted to put the word out on the fairly quick turnaround for anyone who might need a quick repair.




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