Scud Pattern for New England Streams

Scud Pattern for New England Streams

As the weather starts to cool down, I can start to focus on tying more flies.  Here’s a simple scud pattern for New England Streams.  I started tying this one not too long ago, and it’s quickly become a favorite on the swift for both the trout and me.

size 24 scud fly pattern
A Scud in size 24

It’s extremely simple and consists of the following materials:

  1.  Gray thread
  2.  Gray dubbing
  3.  Green or Pearl Flashback
  4.  Copper wire

Lately I’ve been using the pearl flash back as I think it’s a little more subtle.  First you wrap your thread to the hook base and secure the copper wire and flashback to the hook shank.  Next you dub the body and wind your thread back up to the hook eye.  Pull the flashback over the back of the dubbed body and secure it behind the eye.  For the final steps I wind the copper wire to form segments, and tie off the wire.  Usually I’ll use a bit of velcro down the body to give it a more realistic look as below:

scud pattern for the swift
Finished fly.

This is a simple and effective fly that can also resemble a sow bug.  It works well in sizes 20-24, and have had success with as large as a size 18, but admittedly less so.  I always find that keeping things small helps out.

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