Flies for the Swift

Flies for the Swift

I was at the tying bench tonight, and tied up a batch of my favorite flies for the Swift.  These are also my choice flies to fish in the fall.

I plan on heading to the Swift in a couple of weeks to chase after big brook trout. I’m sure I’ll catch a few chunky rainbows and browns while I’m at it.  If anyone is interested, I have extra flies that I’d be willing to give away, and I’ll take care of the shipping. My primary goal with the blog is to have a place to share my passion for fly fishing, and if I can help anyone catch more fish; I’ll be happy.

flies for the swift
Three Size 20 flies w/ barbs (You can mash down the barbs if you use barbless hooks.)

Feel free to shoot me an email at hello@troutandfly.com, and first response can get them.

2 thoughts on “Flies for the Swift

  1. Just recently came across your blog.

    I appreciate the tips on fly choices. I’m about 10 minutes from the Swift, so I often fish there, though I prefer the Bondsville section as opposed to the catch and release up by Rte 9, as I mostly have that section all to myself.

    I’ve been having good luck lately on hare’s nymphs, but I will tie this one up and give it a shot. The last few times out I have seen a few October caddis flying around, so I have tied up a few to try out. Will give your fly a try if no luck with my caddis pattern, or maybe use it as a dropper.

    Thanks again for the advice.

    1. Hi Kevin,
      No problem, and thanks for checking out the blog!

      I’ve fished the Bondsville section, and love the quiet atmosphere. There are definitely fish there, but for me it hasn’t produced as many trout as other stretches. I spend most of my fishing time below route 9, and often hit the hatchery pipe stretch and below Cady Lane.

      Let me know how you do with this fly, it always produces for me. I always have a few hare’s nymphs on me as well, so I’ll try them out. I’m planning to head to the swift tomorrow, so I’ll report back where I went and how it goes. I’m hoping to catch a few big brook trout.

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