Map of the Cady Lane portion of the Swift River

Map of the Cady Lane portion of the Swift River

In the spring and summer, one of my favorite sections of the Swift River is the Cady Lane portion below the Route 9 bridge.  I’ve met quite a few fly fisherman at the swift that have only fished the catch and release area above Route 9.  While there is a lot of good fishing above the bridge, including the famed, “y pool”, I prefer the solitude you can find downstream.

This area is also full of wild brook trout and large browns, which have grown to respectable sizes over the past 5 years.   Especially in the summer, you can wander downstream on a path past the cady lane bend and catch as many trout as you want on dry flies.  I’ve had a lot of success fishing a dry + dropper rig there. Last summer, I caught quite several big browns and a wild brook trout between 16-18″. As many people have asked about where this section is located, I made a small map showing the bend which is marked by a “Cady lane” sign.  See below:

cady lane swift river map

Here’s a short video of a pod of brook trout I found in the lower section:

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    1. South of Cady Lane is catch and keep year round. From Route 9 to Cady Lane is Catch and Release from July 1 – December 31. Above route 9 is Catch and release year round.

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