Cheap Wading Boot Studs

Cheap Wading Boot Studs

I recently bought a new pair of rubber soled Patagonia Ultralight boots to replace the worn out pair of boots I’ve had for 3 or 4 years now.  Convincing myself to replace certain gear can be like pulling teeth, but they had started to split at the seams and there was no other option.  I do have another pair of felt soled boots, but they are reserved as an extra pair for people I take fishing.

Wading boot Studs Cheap Kold Kutter
Left foot done, right foot to go!

I like the Patagonia boots so far.  They’re very spacious and are quick to put on and take off.  I haven’t done any hiking in them yet, but I will have plenty of chances to test them this summer. The boots are indeed light, but one thing that became apparent is that the soles are not as “sticky” as advertised.  There were a couple of occasions where I slipped on rocks, and had to be very careful.  I consider myself to have fairly good balance, and I had a few moments that almost had me going for a swim. 

Needless to say, I started looking into studs for these boots.  Who knew screws could be so expensive?  Most fly fishing options were in the $30 range.  I’m sure there are a few brands that offer premium materials that warrant the price, but I thought there would have to be an alternative.  I started looking into options, and that’s when I stumbled upon this Hatch Magazine Post.

The author suggested purchasing “Kold Kutter” screws originally meant for motorcycle/bike tires.  It seemed worth a shot, and I ended up finding a pack of 50 3/8″ screws on eBay for $10.  Each boot required about 10 screws, so I have plenty left over if any fall out.  I’m happy with the way they look and feel, and should have a chance to test them out this weekend.

Cheap patagonia Wading Boots Studs
Kold Kutter Screws

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