Winter Hook Ups and Brown Trout

Winter Hook Ups and Brown Trout

I had a fun day on Super Bowl Sunday tight lining on a small stream.  The takes were extremely subtle, but once I had figured out a solid pattern, I had four fish on in about 30 minutes. I brought two to the net, and the one that got away will haunt me until I’m able to get back to this river.

Brown Trout Fly Fishing MA
First brown on this cold February day.

When I tight line, I allow the flies to sink/drift and usually watch where my fly line meets the leader for any minute changes in drift and to control the depth of the fly. This technique requires a little patience and practice, but I personally think it’s worth the time to be able to tightline or nymph with your standard rig.  You can easily switch techniques and don’t have to cart around extra gear or prep intense leaders. I am firm believer that less is more. As I’ve mentioned before, one of the best ways I’ve elevated my nymphing skills is through reading books.

After catching my first brown, I was happy to have any success on a cold February morning. And that’s when it happened…my line stopped dead in the river, and I set the hook.  I lifted and assumed I was stuck on a log, until I watched my line start cutting through the water and heading upstream.  It was clear there was something big on the other end of my line. My line seemed to be stuck to the bottom and would not come up for anything. It was a slow and lumbering pull, like something was crawling on the river bed. I almost wondered if I had hooked into a turtle! As I started bringing it in, I decided to move towards shallow water on the bank to try to get a better look at whatever was on the other end of my line.  It was then that I saw the swirl of a fish and it rolled right off my line. Expletives were vocalized.

I talked with another fisherman later in the day, and he mentioned it was most likely a large brown that had been seen and caught on this stream.  On the bright side, I know where it is now, and I’ll be back for it.  Fortunately,  that particular stretch of the stream is usually overlooked by anglers, so I hope my chances are good.  I also got a new lens for my camera, and was excited to try it out. Trout are such a beautiful fish.

Here are some pictures from the day:

new england brown trout
Another brown

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