Tying flies with household materials – A post on Trash Flies

Tying flies with household materials – A post on Trash Flies

I’ve always enjoyed tying flies. I like scouring through entomology books, and trying to come up with patterns that might work. It’s a creative outlet for me, as I tend to spend most of my time working on new ideas, toying with a few classic patterns, and testing them all on my local streams. It’s tough to beat the feeling when you have a good idea, and it turns out better than you imagined.

As everything in fly fishing, costs can add up quick when you’re looking for new tying materials. One thing I’ve done over the years is to collect things from around me that I think might work well for tying flies. Earlier this week, I found this bit of foam packing material and thought it might work well to simulate air bubbles on an emerging nymph, or possibly a shell. I used it a few times, one time shading it black for a stonefly, and was pretty pleased with the results. Below are a few different examples of how I used the material.

StoneFly pattern fly tying
Added a dark shell here
Thin Foam 
nymph patterns
I tied in some flash under the shell, which is very subtle

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