My top fly for fall

My top fly for fall

Now that the temperatures are dropping and tying is starting to take up more of my time, I wanted to share a fly that caught more trout than any other this fall. One day on the swift river, the hook ups were sporadic until I put this fly on, and caught too many to count. It’s a fairly simply fly, which mimics a caddis emerger. I find that it’s a good selection when temperatures are towards 50 degrees. I like to tie it in a size 16-20 and fish all sizes depending on which river I’m at. This is a perfect fly for nymphing, and pairs well with a zebra midge or something small to cover your bases.

Hook: Size 20

Body: Tan Dubbing

Hackle: Hungarian Partridge

I usually also tan dub the collar before whip finishing. I’ve experimented with contrast with a lighter color for the collar, but it didn’t make too much difference.

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