Small Stream Fly Fishing in Eastern Massachusetts

Small Stream Fly Fishing in Eastern Massachusetts

On Memorial Day I decided to work in a relaxing afternoon of fishing.  I currently live in eastern Massachusetts, and I didn’t want to travel too far to fling some flies.  I decided to try a stream that’s not far from me, which I had heard held trout.  After about a hour of trying a few spots, I caught a strong willed brown trout.  This stream can tend to get a little warm this time of year, so I tried to focus on spots that had fast flowing and deep water that trout might seek out.  This section of the stream is where I found the trout.

brown trout in ma

I also spotted this huge snapping turtle underneath a log while I was fishing.  This was around dusk, so I assume it found a place to settle in for the evening.  One of my favorite parts of fly fishing is that you can be so quiet on the river, often times wildlife will come to you.  One time I was fishing very early in the morning, and a beaver came down a tributary and almost brushed my leg.  I mistook it for a log, and I think the beaver was not expecting a person to be in the river.  We both panicked, and it swam away quickly.  You never know what you’ll see.

snapping turtle

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