Fly fishing the Westfield River in Chesterfield, MA

Fly fishing the Westfield River in Chesterfield, MA

I headed over to the East Branch of the Westfield River last Saturday to try to catch some trout.  I have little experience on this river, but I appreciate the solitude and  natural beauty one can find there. I live very far from this river, and sometimes find it hard to justify the long drive.

I arrived around 9:30am and didn’t see many fisherman around. There is a long dirt road which leads from the Chesterfield Gorge, and follows several miles of a catch and release fishing area.  I drove as far as I could (there’s usually a closed gate), and hiked another several miles down river.  My goal was to try out the more seldom fished stretches of water downstream. 

After working a few spots, I settled in to a shallower stretch of river alongside a deep trough running alongside a boulder.  A few casts with a weighted black woolly bugger, and I hooked one.  I made a long cast upstream, let it sink alongside the boulder, stripped the line in a bit, and the trout grabbed it as it swung out of the current.  Never doubt a swinging fly, and sometimes trout will grab it as you retrieve it upstream.

rainbow trout westfield river chesterfield ma
Myself and a surprised rainbow friend.

I had a few near misses, and decided to call it a day early.  At one point, I tied on an excessively large weighted sculpin fly I had with me.  Just for fun, I tossed it across river and stripped it horizontally through a couple of troughs between rocks.  To my surprise, a very large trout came out of hiding and chased it to the surface.  Unfortunately, I think it was scared away by the sunlight.  Maybe next time…

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