Farmington River, Connecticut Fishing

Farmington River, Connecticut Fishing

rainbow trout farmington river CT fly fishing

I happened to be nearby in CT on Saturday and fished the Farmington river for the first time ever for about an hour.  There was minor bug activity on the water, but I didn’t see any fish rising while there.  I’ve heard that the Farmington river is known for it’s holdover trout (Stocked trout that survive), and I was hoping to fool one into taking a nymph.  (I’ll share more on that fly later, as it has been very productive for me)

All the anglers on this stream seemed to be gathered in the same locations, so I found a fishy looking area where I could only see one other angler in the distance.  About 20 minutes in, I hooked up with a good sized rainbow, brought it to the net, and had to head out shortly after. Unfortunately for me, taking the above photo of the trout caused my phone to get wet and stop working!  I guess this trout had the last laugh before I released it. 

Before leaving the river, I saw the back of a large brown trout sipping something in the surface film of the river. I’ve got the spot marked now, and will be back when I have more time.

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